About Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country situated on the lap of Himalayas. Nepal is known for its natural beauty, bravery of Gurkhas and warm hospitality for tourists who make it their destination. As per the recent survey done by the Central Bureau of Statistics, Nepal’s population was to be about 30 million. The population comprises of about a 101 ethnic groups speaking over 92 languages. However Nepali is the official language of the state, spoken and understood by majority of the population. English is spoken in Government and business offices. It is the mode of education in most private schools and few subjects has to be learnt in English language even in government school.

Nepalese has long history of working in foreign land. Nepalese got recruited in British Army and eventually in Indian army are evidences of it.Nepalese in huge number migrate to foreign land for different kind of jobs requiring different level of skills. As per recent survey most of the Nepalese Migrant work in the counties like India, Gulf countries, Malaysia. Gulf Countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Dubai area mostly destined countries for Nepalese worker. Nepal is producing large pool of qualified Nepalese work force having improvement in education system and the training available inside Nepal. Nepalese are also known for their honesty and dedication for the work.

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